Big Boots, Baths, School, Stairs, and Down

2016-03-18 09.17.43
Snow day!


Springtime in the Rockies… that means psycho weather. 70 degrees one day, and a blizzard the next! Today is our 2nd snow day this week, and it is already the biggest snow I’ve ever seen. My obedience and service trainer Linda was supposed to come today for some private lessons. I was really looking forward to it. I’m not sure what we were supposed to work on, but I’m pretty sure she and Kathleen have something up their sleeves.

Instead, I’m going to play in the snow. But the wind is wicked crazy. It is making the snow pile up in drifts – some are taller than I am! I must admit, it is terribly difficult to find a suitable potty spot in the snow, and, it is super easy to lose my water bottles and tennis balls out there! Kathleen needs to find some socks that aren’t white!

K’s toe crushing boots

If there is a down side to the snow, it is Kathleen’s boots. Damn they are big! When my toes get underneath, it hurts. I pouted after she squished my toe, but I forgave her pretty quick. Trust me, it had nothing to do with the aged white cheddar cheese.

I had another spa day on Monday. I do love the water, even when there is shampoo and conditioner involved. I’m partial to the extra rubs and Kathleen’s long nails that scratch my spine. However,  I’m still not sure I like the hair dryer. I don’t mind it when Kathleen is using it on her hair — I’m just not sure I like it pointed at me.

After spa day it was time for Preschool again. Whew, this week was a challenge. I was feeling pretty damn spiffy after my bath, and very excited about seeing all my friends. There were 2 golden dogs, much bigger than me, sitting in the lobby. I thought we were going to be friends. One of them lunged and growled at me. K quickly reassured me, and walked us around the corner. Then a nice lady came and made the mean dogs move to a private room. Ha!

2016-03-21 17.40.54
Going to school!

I have to admit, I was a bit shaken after that encounter. I mean, I had no idea there was any creature on earth that wouldn’t love me! Seriously? Did he even look at my cute little face?  It took me awhile to get comfortable, but when all my friends arrived, I started feeling better. We romped and played, and romped and played a little more. Then it was time for class. Here’s the problem, once I start playing, why on earth would I want to start working? My concentration wasn’t great, but I think I did okay.  In fact, I graduated, and I start Kindergarten next week!

One of my challenges has been stairs. They are kinda scary. I don’t mind 2 or 3 at a time, but more than that, eh, isn’t there another way we can go?  K was kinda rude the other day, she said I was getting a bit too tubby to be lugged up and down the stairs to the backyard. Hmpf. Even Dr. Cynthia said I needed some meat on my bones. Anyway, Kathleen took some cheese, and coerced me down the stairs. It wasn’t so bad. She even filmed it, but sadly, she doesn’t know how to get the video in this update. Maybe she needs to go back to school.

Homework before class next week includes working on Sit (got it!), Come (working on it!), Stand, (got it!), Down (why do I need to lay down???), and Bang (why do I need to lie down on my side???). Kathleen was super proud of me today. I sat on command, when she was 15 or so feet away and later, I thought she was going to squeeze me to death when I came directly to her while I was totally planning to pounce on my big brother Lance’s head while he lay napping. Yup! I changed my mind, didn’t pounce, didn’t stop to pick up toys, I just went directly to her. She clicked, gave me cheese, and then picked me up and squeezed me.

2016-03-22 14.56.28.jpg
My new super cool new Ruffwear Front Range Harness. Orange. Again.

Then, she introduced me to my new Ruffwear Front Range harness. I guess Linda and K talked while we were all playing in class last night, and it was agreed that a harness would probably be a good idea. As you will see in the picture… it is orange. Seriously? K said the pink ones and the teal ones weren’t available, but I’m not sure I believe her. Yes, I know that is a lazy sit. She caught me off guard. I’d just been gazing up, watching the planes overhead.

Oh, here is a picture of me and Dad… He says it won’t be long until I won’t fit on his lap. He’s wrong. I’ll forever find a way to fit on his lap!

I’ll never be too big for Dad’s lap.

Ta Ta For Now!






Here I am!

Relaxing in the yard!
Relaxing in the yard!

Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Jypsi, and I’m a Belgian Tervuren. I’m going to be a Diabetic Alert and Response Dog!

My fur mom is Basquelaine Scent on an Angel “Wings” , and my fur dad is Directed Verdict Du Cadre Noir at Sandcastle, but he is better known as Judge the Terv. My full name is Basquelaine Angel of Justice for Geka… a blend of my two fabulous fur parents’ names.

I moved here to Colorado just 3 weeks ago. My humans picked me up at the airport, and it was love at first sight. They greeted me with snacks and water, and I got to ride with the Big Guy in the Big Truck, all the way home.

Going home with the Big Guy, in the Big Truck
Going home with the Big Guy, in the Big Truck

I was quickly introduced to the biggest white dog I’ve ever seen. I’ve come to know him as Sir Lancelot. We got off to a great start, and then I tried to nurse, in a very sensitive area. Ooops. He grumbled at me, but then quickly forgave me. (Whew!)

I also met “Mom”, she sits in a chair that has wheels attached! I love to hang out under the chair, and sometimes I just nap on her feet.

Lance and I have a great big backyard to run, romp, and explore. There are trees, bushes, and an annoying fence to keep me from wandering. But, the front yard is my FAVORITE! That’s where the water runs! I love to play in the water and mud, and hate to come in when playtime is over.

Sir Lancelot in the front yard, I can't wait until summer!
Sir Lancelot in the front yard, I can’t wait until summer!


The human they call Kathleen takes me to school. We started with Puppy Pre School. There are 7 of us there learning manners, and learning how to get along with one another. It is so much fun. The first night, there were 2 dogs bigger than me, but now I’m the biggest in class. I’m gentle with the little ones, and let them pounce on my head, just like I do to Lance.



Kathleen and I have been working on a lot of stuff – walking politely on a leash, touch, playing fetch, following her and stopping when she stops, watch me, and tons of other stuff. But, she balances work and play well. We play ball, we romp in the yard, and sometimes we just hang out.

Dad and I work on lots of stuff too. We are working on eye contact, walking nicely, and he plays with my chin, toes, ears, and tail… all the time. Dad’s the one with the diabetes; I guess it is super scary when his blood sugar levels drop.  I’m hoping that with Dad & Kathleen’s help, (along with my new friend Linda Brennen, Your Canine Coach) I’ll be able to alert Dad before his blood sugar gets too low. I hear I’m going to be allowed to open the big silver box in the kitchen and grab him a drink, when he needs it. I’m pretty excited about that.

Well, Kathleen is telling me it is time for playtime in the water! Gotta go. Thanks for stopping by!