Here I am!

Relaxing in the yard!
Relaxing in the yard!

Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Jypsi, and I’m a Belgian Tervuren. I’m going to be a Diabetic Alert and Response Dog!

My fur mom is Basquelaine Scent on an Angel “Wings” , and my fur dad is Directed Verdict Du Cadre Noir at Sandcastle, but he is better known as Judge the Terv. My full name is Basquelaine Angel of Justice for Geka… a blend of my two fabulous fur parents’ names.

I moved here to Colorado just 3 weeks ago. My humans picked me up at the airport, and it was love at first sight. They greeted me with snacks and water, and I got to ride with the Big Guy in the Big Truck, all the way home.

Going home with the Big Guy, in the Big Truck
Going home with the Big Guy, in the Big Truck

I was quickly introduced to the biggest white dog I’ve ever seen. I’ve come to know him as Sir Lancelot. We got off to a great start, and then I tried to nurse, in a very sensitive area. Ooops. He grumbled at me, but then quickly forgave me. (Whew!)

I also met “Mom”, she sits in a chair that has wheels attached! I love to hang out under the chair, and sometimes I just nap on her feet.

Lance and I have a great big backyard to run, romp, and explore. There are trees, bushes, and an annoying fence to keep me from wandering. But, the front yard is my FAVORITE! That’s where the water runs! I love to play in the water and mud, and hate to come in when playtime is over.

Sir Lancelot in the front yard, I can't wait until summer!
Sir Lancelot in the front yard, I can’t wait until summer!


The human they call Kathleen takes me to school. We started with Puppy Pre School. There are 7 of us there learning manners, and learning how to get along with one another. It is so much fun. The first night, there were 2 dogs bigger than me, but now I’m the biggest in class. I’m gentle with the little ones, and let them pounce on my head, just like I do to Lance.



Kathleen and I have been working on a lot of stuff – walking politely on a leash, touch, playing fetch, following her and stopping when she stops, watch me, and tons of other stuff. But, she balances work and play well. We play ball, we romp in the yard, and sometimes we just hang out.

Dad and I work on lots of stuff too. We are working on eye contact, walking nicely, and he plays with my chin, toes, ears, and tail… all the time. Dad’s the one with the diabetes; I guess it is super scary when his blood sugar levels drop.  I’m hoping that with Dad & Kathleen’s help, (along with my new friend Linda Brennen, Your Canine Coach) I’ll be able to alert Dad before his blood sugar gets too low. I hear I’m going to be allowed to open the big silver box in the kitchen and grab him a drink, when he needs it. I’m pretty excited about that.

Well, Kathleen is telling me it is time for playtime in the water! Gotta go. Thanks for stopping by!